Dai-ichi Life Vietnam launches “For A Better Life” CSR Foundation

With the commitment to being a “Lifetime partner” and bringing long-term benefits to Vietnam country and its people, on September 20th, 2016, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company of Vietnam, Limited (“Dai-ichi Life Vietnam”), solemnly organized the Launching ceremony of the CSR Foundation “For A Better Life” at Sofitel Legend Metropole, Ha Noi. The ceremony was honored to have the attendance of Mr. Phung Ngoc Khanh, Director of the Insurance Supervisory Authority under the Ministry of Finance; Mr. Pham Cong Hung – Representative of the NGO Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs; Mr. Ngo Trung Dung – Deputy General Secretary of the Insurance Association of Viet Nam; Mr. Tran Thanh Long – Chairman of HCM City Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients; Mr. Takashi Kawashima – Senior Managing Executive Officer of Dai-ichi Life Japan, as well as representatives of over 20 local media agencies.  

After a period of preparation, the CSR Foundation “For A Better Life” of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was officially granted the establishment license by the Ministry of Home Affairs on April 6th, 2016, and has been acknowledged for its operation eligibility since August 10th, 2016. As a non-profit, voluntary and self-afforded organization, the Foundation aims at supporting the community in the fields of education, medical and health care, environment and other charitable activities with the noble purpose of improving the life quality of Vietnamese people and the development of human resources for the country growth. With its total asset worth VND 20,005,000,000 (twenty billion and five million dong) in which VND 10,005,000,000 donated by the three Founders including  Dai-ichi Life Vietnam, the Fund Management Company of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam, and Mr. Huynh Huu Khang, Deputy General Director of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam, and VND 10,000,000,000 contributed by Dai-ichi Life Japan. The Foundation also calls for contribution from other external sponsoring resources and voluntary donation of domestic & overseas individuals and organizations as stipulated by the local regulations, so as to offer more helping hands towards a better life of the Vietnamese people.

Mr. Takasahi Fujii, Chairman of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam and who has been recognized as the Honorary President of the Foundation at the ceremony, shared: “The sustainable business foundation of a company lies in its responsibilities. The responsibilities of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam towards our society is to carry out the sustainable and human community supporting programs with widespread impact over each year to help improve the life quality of local people. The Foundation “For A Better Life” coming into operation will facilitate the implementation of long-term and regular social activities across the country in upcoming time, contributing to affirm Dai-ichi Life Vietnam’s reputation, as well as our commitment to sustainable development in Vietnam in the long run.”  

Delivering a speech at the launching ceremony, Mr. Tran Dinh Quan, General Director of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam, said: “As a good corporate citizen, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam is always aware of the social responsibility, reflected through our business philosophy “Thinking people first”. This is our principle of operations throughout more than 9 years striving for the sustainable development of local communities, in which there are still innumerable disadvantaged people in need of our help, understanding and sharing to get a better life. As such, the establishment and coming into operations of the Foundation “For A Better Life” will realize our desire to offer more realistic support to gradually create positive changes for the community, marking the first step of launching the upcoming social and charity projects to celebrate the significant 10th anniversary milestone of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam partnering with Vietnam country and its people.” 

Besides its business endeavors, throughout more than 9 years, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has been the pioneer in many philanthropic and social programs with contribution of over VND15 billion, such as blood donation, funding scholarships for the needy and hard-working pupils, granting life insurance policies to disadvantaged teachers, financing eye operations for the poor blinds, offering aids for the families affected by floods in the Central provinces, donating warm clothes for the highlands children, installing water purifying system for schools in remote areas, rural bridge building program… Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was honored to be awarded the “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” two times by the magazine Asia Insurance Review, the 1st time in 2013 with the program “For a better life” – installing water purifying system to provide clean drinking water to more than 18,000 pupils of the schools in rural areas of Vietnam, and the 2nd time in November 2015 with the program “A million red bricks, bridging the happiness” – building 10 bridges to facilitate the safe and convenient transportation for villagers in rural areas. The recognition and honor throughout Asia has demonstrated the strong commitment of the company to the sustainable society development and long-term contribution for the sake of community benefits.

On March 5th, 2016, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was honored to receive the Merit Certificate from the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh city, which recognizes the company’s outstanding achievements in initiating and taking part in many social and charitable activities in continuous years. Together with the recognition for the company, Mr. Takashi Fujii – Chairman, and Mr. Tran Dinh Quan – General Director of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam, were also awarded the honorary certificates from the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh city for their significant contribution in many social and charitable activities.