Dai-ichi Life Vietnam organizes the 2016 Blood donation program “For a better life”


Marking the 9-year journey partnering with the country and Vietnamese people (18/1/2007-18/1/2016), on March 21st, 2016, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company of Vietnam, Limited ("Dai-ichi Life Vietnam") co-operated with the Red Cross of Phu Nhuan District to initiate the 2016 Blood donation activity under the “For a better life” program at the company’s Headquarters, 149-151 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City. More than 400 employees and financial consultants of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam in HCMC, Long An, Binh Duong and Dong Nai enthusiastically participated in this first blood donation activity of 2016, with the total of 338 units of blood being donated (appox. 106,400 ml). Blood donation programs will continue to be organized in other provinces throughout 2016.


Mr. Tran Dinh Quan, General Director of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam, said: “Committed to being a “Lifetime partner” of Vietnamese people, we always wish to express our sharing and support the community through realistic activities. Donating blood is not only beneficial to one’s health, but more importantly, it is considered a meaningful charitable deed that one can directly contribute for the sake of the community by bringing living opportunity to the patients. Blood donation has been a valuable tradition organized on an annual basis in celebration of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam’s anniversary. Up to date, members of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam have donated nearly 2,500 units of blood (approx. 790,000 ml). I myself feel greatly proud and delighted for being able to take part in such a meaningful charitable activity every year. The increasing number of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam’s donors each year has manifested the company’s commitment towards attaching business efforts with the corporate responsibility, contributing to a better life of the Vietnamese people.”


Mr. Do Xuan Lai, President of the Red Cross of Phu Nhuan District, HCMC, shared: “We really appreciate the considerate acts of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam’s donors for having continuously partaken in blood donation for many years. The enthusiastic engagement of each member reflects the company’s sustainable development with firm social corporate responsibility. We hope more and more companies will significantly contribute to the blood bank of our city, so that we can share this precious gift of life to other people in critical conditions.”


In its 9-year journey in Vietnam, apart from the charity eye operation program for needy patients in collaboration with the Sponsoring Association for the Poor Patients HCMC, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has proudly been the pioneer in many philanthropic and social programs with contribution of over VND15 billion, such as financing eye operations for the poor blinds, providing clean drinking water for rural pupils, granting scholarships for the needy and hard-working pupils, offering aids for the families affected by floods in the Central provinces, donating warm clothes for the highlands children, rural bridge building program, blood donation program,… Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was honored to be awarded the “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” twice by the magazine Asia Insurance Review, the 1st time in 2013 with the program “For a better life” – installing water purifying system to provide clean drinking water to more than 18,000 pupils of the schools in rural areas of Vietnam, and the 2nd time in November 2015 with the program “A million red bricks, bridging the happiness” – building 10 traffic bridges to facilitate safe and convenient travel for villagers in rural areas. The recognition and honor throughout Asia has demonstrated the strong commitment of the company to the development of a sustainable society and long-term contribution for the sake of community benefits.


On March 5th, 2016, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was honored to receive the Certificate of Merit by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, which recognizes the company’s outstanding achievements in initiating and taking part in many social and philanthropic activities in continuous years. Together with the recognition for the company, Mr. Takashi Fujii – Chairman of Board of Member, and Mr. Tran Dinh Quan – General Director of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam, were also awarded the honorary Certificates from the People’s Committee of HCMC for their significant contributions in many social and charitable activities. Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has also completed the application procedures for the establishment of Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation – “For a better life”, in order to implement regular and long-term community support programs focusing on the fields of healthcare, education, environment and charity with nationwide scale as in our commitment towards being a “Lifetime partner” of Vietnamese people.


On January 8th, 2016, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company of Vietnam, Limited ("Dai-ichi Life Vietnam") has officially received the Amended license issued by the Ministry of Finance, for the increase of chartered capital from US$ 72 million (VND 1,141 billion) up to US$ 87 million (approximately VND 1,477 billion). Dai-ichi Life Vietnam is progressively preparing stage 2 of the capital increasing, aiming to a total of US$ 100 million to be completed in 2016. This is the second time after nine years in operation, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam increase its chartered capital to promote business expansion and investment, marking an important milestone in the journey to reach the goal of becoming the leading provider of life insurance products and services in Vietnam. With a chartered capital of US$ 100 million, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam will become one of the top three life insurance companies in terms of capitalization in Vietnam market.