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General Information – Customer Loyalty Bonus Points Program


Dear Valued Customers,

Dai-ichi Life Vietnam appreciate your trust in choosing us as your financial protector by use of our insurance policies.

With our business philosophy “Customers First”, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has introduced a special customer care program offering uniquely comprehensive and long-term benefits in Vietnam’s life insurance sector called “Customer Loyalty Bonus Points program”.  This program is an expression of our gratitude to all customers who have opted for Dai-ichi Life Vietnam’s insurance products and services, as well as to provide customers with additional values besides insurance benefits.

This special customer care is designed for eligible customers whose insurance policies are still in-force. Loyalty bonus points are automatically added to your bonus account once you are up to the program’s awarding criteria, in which 1 (one) point is equivalent to 1,000 (one thousand) VND.

Please refer to our Online Customer Portal for further details on bonus points and related benefits at any time at:

All customers are entitled to bonus points based on the new criteria effective from 15/05/2014. (read more

Bonus points can be used to:

  • Pay periodic premiums or return the policy cash advance;
  • Buy top-up cards (service by Vinaphone, MobiFone, Viettel);
  • Exchange for supermarket vouchers (Coop-mar, Big C);
  • Exchange for health check-up tickets at many local medical centers in the medical network currently in partner with the Company;
  • Give as gift to other customers who are participating in Dai-ichi Life Vietnam's insurance policy.

Customers can make request to get their bonus points benefits by means of:

  • Direct request on our Customer Portal at:
  • Filling in the bonus points benefiting request form and submitting to Dai-ichi Life Vietnam (download Request Form).

  • If your insurance policy reaches maturity date; or is terminated on its validity prior to maturity date; or is terminated due to insurance benefit settlement; or is affected by legal stipulations, the total amount of accumulated bonus points shall be converted into cash and paid to you together with related benefit payments (if any).

  • Your accumulated bonus points shall be reserved for the period of two (02) years. If not taken after this duration, the bonus points shall be converted into equivalent amount of cash and paid as periodic premium to the insurance policy.   

We believe that this Loyalty Bonus Points program will bring our valued customers exciting experience while participating in the insurance products. Much to our hope, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam guarantees to provide you with the most premier life insurance services.

May you have lots of health, happiness and success in life! 


Dai-ichi Life Vietnam

Criteria – Customer Loyalty Bonus Points Program

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