Death benefit

Death Benefit

a. Administrative documents:

  • Claim form (Download here)
  • Original Insurance policy
  • Certified written authorization for Dai-ichi Life Vietnam to collect information and medical profiles of the Deceased

b. Documents for insurance benefits substantiation

  • Certified copy of ID card of the Policy Owner/ Claimant/ Payee.
  • Certificate of first-row Inheritance and written authorization (if the Policy Owner is the main Life Insured who is dead and without any Beneficiary being appointed).
  • Legal Guardian Approval for the Beneficiary (if the Beneficiary is below 15 years old and has no father and mother)

c. Documents for death substantiation

i. Death by illness or accident:

  • Certified extract or copy of Death Certificate
  • Copy of all medial treatment files
  • Copy of healthcare insurance card (if any)

ii. Claim for Death by accident:

  • Certified extract or copy of Death Certificate
  • Accident profile provided by investigating Police (certified by the investigating Police Authority), comprising Crash diagram, Crime scene investigation, Autopsy minute, Accident settlement minute, Forensic minute.
  • Medical profile in summary for accident emergency, laboratory tests (CT scan, X-ray, MRI... in case of any accident emergency at the hospital).