"For a better life" CSR Foundation of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam

The CSR Foundation “For A Better Life” of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was officially granted the establishment license by the Ministry of Home Affairs on April 6th, 2016, and has been acknowledged for its operation eligibility since August 10th, 2016. As a non-profit, voluntary and self-afforded organization, the Foundation aims at supporting the community in the fields of education, medical and health care, environment and other charitable activities with the noble purpose of improving the life quality of Vietnamese people and the development of human resources for the country growth.

With its total asset worth over VND 20 billion (twenty billion dong), the Foundation calls for contribution from external sponsoring resources and voluntary donation of domestic & overseas individuals and organizations as stipulated by the local regulations, so as to offer more helping hands in creating positive changes for the Vietnamese community and striving for sustainable social development.

Throughout 11 years in business, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has been the pioneer in many philanthropic and social programs with contribution of over VND 22 billion, such as blood donation, funding scholarships for the needy and hard-working pupils, granting life insurance policies to disadvantaged teachers, financing eye operations for the poor blinds, offering relief for the families affected by floods in the Central provinces, donating warm clothes for the highlands children, installing water purifying system for schools in remote areas, rural bridge building program… The "For A Better Life” Foundation coming into operation will facilitate the implementation of long-term and regular social activities across the country in upcoming time, contributing to affirm Dai-ichi Life Vietnam’s commitment of "Thinking people first" to spread the message of kindness and positiveness out to all Vietnamese people.