Funeral Benefit

The breakthrough in the process of claim settlement

Bước đột phá trong Quy trình giải quyết Quyền lợi bảo hiểm To receive the death benefits from the main insurance product, conventional means of claim settlement sees the insured providing full and accurate details on paperwork and following exact procedures with the life insurance company, and receiving the benefits after careful reviews of the claim.

With the goal of assisting as fast as possible whenever our customers are met with unexpected events,Dai-ichi Life Vietnam pioneers in the insurance industry with the breakthrough product in claim settlement, the Funeral Benefit program. Accordingly, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam will advance a portion of the death benefits from the main product as soon as claim documents are received, without the hassle of having to wait for reviewing like other conventional processes being applied in the market today.

Highlights of the program:

Timely financial support for families of the insured to overcome their hardships
Assure customers of their responsibilities with the family during the unexpected situations
Receive the benefits without having to wait for reviewing
Customers do not have to pay for any contingencies
No refunds required if the actual amount paid for the death benefit from the main product is lower than the Funeral Benefit program.

Conditions of the program:
Apply for the Death benefit from the main product
The event of death happened within the duration of the contract and after 1 (one) year from the contract starting date, or the day Dai-ichi Life Vietnam reinstated the latest contract, whichever happened after.
The cause of death recorded on the Death Certificate of the insured is excluded from the insurance Terms & Regulations listed in the main contract.
Claim procedures:
The beneficiary must notify by written document, with attached proof of the right to receive the benefits along with a certified extract or copy of the Death Certificate of the one insured under the main product to be submitted to Dai-ichi Life Vietnam within 90 days following the death of the insured under the main product.
The duration to receive the Funeral Benefit is within 1 (one) working day after Dai-ichi Life Vietnam receives the full and valid claim.
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