An Thinh Dau Tu

Trust in smart investment

You have lots of financial plans for the future and your family, but still wonder how to quickly increase your asset values besides the common savings methods. Especially, the sporadic changes in life, as well as the financial markets, require you to stay flexible and prioritize your plans.

An Thinh Dau Tu offers the exceptional financial solutions that integrate investment and insurance to help increase your asset values, and adapt to your changing needs in life. You have full authority to make investment decisions today and be flexible with changes at any time in the future.

      A perfect solution for
investment needs and protection

    Effectively build your assets through professional investment support from the leading financial company in Japan.
    Choose the most suitable from the 3 different financial solutions to increase capital from shares, bonds or deposits from credit institutions.
    Regular contract retention rewards for sustainable partnerships
    Comprehensive protection for your family with life insurance and other protection benefits in the cases of serious illness, hospitalization or accidents.
    You have total flexibility to actively change investment options before the fluctuations in the financial markets, and in life.     


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