An Nhan Huu Tri

Have you ever thought of what your life would be like when you retire?

Surely you would want it to be a life of true happiness and comfort, enjoying the freedom to do everything you like…

Retirement is the start of a new phase. To make your retirement days become the time of comfort and happiness, with no worries for your finance, start a suitable pension plan today is the essential preparation for your future retirement.

Proud to be the first Life Insurance Company to have received the Ministry of Finance’s approval to introduce the pension product lines in the Vietnam market, An Nhan Huu Tri of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam is an efficient and excellent pension solution for you, offering the following advantages:

  Periodic benefits to help you be financially independent, with a steady source of income in retirement. 
   Financial protection during accumulation period
  Safe and effective investment with the voluntary retirement funds. 
  Proactive and flexible savings plans, customized to your preference; 
  Personal income tax reduction up to VND 12 million per year.


Illustration of Benefits


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