Fee Assistance for Terminal Illness Insurance

A well-rounded solution for you to stay prepared against unexpected events. 

Life is beautiful, yet it packs with surprises. Suffering from terminal illness is one of the unexpected surprises that can happen to anyone. Moreover, the chances of contracting a terminal illness or its disease recurrence are entirely probable. Today, with the advancement of medicine, incurable diseases are more likely to be detected early and treated promptly, providing a surviving chance for patients. However, the cost of treatments is a major obstacle; the financial and psychological burdens are not only for the patients but also for their families.

To respond in time to the terminal illness, help patients with their treatments, overcome their hardships and continue to live in peace beside your loved ones, the Fee Assistance for Terminal Illness Insurance helps patients with the necessary funds to cover the cost of treatment. Customers will be protected with the payment of insurance benefits up to 4 times maximum for one terminal illness, with unlimited number of payments for various terminal illnesses.

The Fee Assistance for Terminal Illness Insurance offers many excellent features that help patients stop worrying, and comfortably carry on with their treatments.

    Insurance for terminal illnesses with high occurrence probability;
    Insurance benefits are paid multiple times, 4 times maximum for one terminal illness and unlimited times for various terminal illnesses.;
    Reasonable fees with high insurance benefits of up to VND 6 billion;
    Wide range of age, from 1 - 65 years old;
    Accept overseas treatment. 
    Attractive benefits for fee reductions


Illustration of Benefits