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New service - Provide gift cards to customers


Dear Customers,

The Customer Loyalty Bonus Points Program is the first and only program in the current life insurance industry. The program has been offering the customers added benefits to the existing ones in the insurance contract. 

With the goal of continuous improvement to ensure the highest customer satisfaction and affirm the program's outstanding service and benefits, we proudly introduce the new service, providing gift cards to accumulate Customer Loyalty Bonus Points.

* The gift cards, issued by the Ho Chi Minh Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank (HDBank), are co-branded prepaid cards between Dai-ichi Life Vietnam & HDBank and are usable domestically.
* Customers can request Dai-ichi Life Vietnam to transfer their accumulated bonus funds into their gift cards to:
­  - Payment transaction of goods and services at 120.000 units accepting the cards through POS machines nationwide.
­  - Cash withdrawals and transactions permitted for over 19.000 ATMs owned by HDBank and other credit institutions and branches across Vietnam that are connected to the ATM system of HDBank.
­  - Cash deposits into the cards at a HDBank teller.
  - Other support transactions provided by HDBank at certain times.

Customers receive discounts up to 50% at over 300 points linked with to HDBank.

Conditions and procedures for requesting gift cards: 
- Customers who have accumulated points from 500 points (equivalent to VND500.000) or more.
- A request form to use the bonus points (CC2 template, download request form) and a copy of ID Card/ Passport of the Insurance Buyer.
- Annual fee: VND 20.000/year deducted from the customers' gift cards.
- Gift card issue fee: free

Customers can submit procedures for the gift cards at any Dai-ichi Life Vietnam office at this address or submit to the Customer Service Division via Mail to the address: 149 - 151 Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 11, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC.

We cordially invite you to register for the new service to experience the utilities and benefits of the gift cards, as well as special offers - no annual fee the first year for the first 1.000 customers requested for the gift cards, with a transferred amount to the cards of VND1.500.000 or more.

In the case of further inquiries, please contact the Dai-ichi Life Vietnam Customer Service office, or the Customer Service hotline (08) 3 8100 888, dial number 1. We are always ready to serve you.


Easy, quick and accurate!

All customers having mobile phone number registered to Dai-ichi Life Vietnam shall be entitled to SMS notification service made on successful premium payment. Please contact the nearest Dai-ichi Life Vietnam office or call (08) 38100 888, press 1 to register or update your mobile phone number to start using this convenient SMS service. Additionally, customers can benefit from the following services:

1. Customers shall be periodically updated about insurance policy status (amount of premium due, premium due date, ...) free of charge.

2. As from 12/12/2012, customers shall be notified of successful periodic premium payment by SMS service free of charge.

Customers are therefore able to check insurance policy status in case of any arising transaction without having to wait for notification mails by post.

Online Premium Payment Service

E-commerce and internet payment services have increasingly become daily needs owing to their convenient and time-saving advantages for all operations. Dai-ichi Life Vietnam is proud to be one of the few life insurers who pioneered in diversifying premium payment channels so as to facilitate customers all over Vietnam, especially in remote or rural areas, to proceed payment at ease. We are delighted to inform you that:

All Dai-ichi Life Vietnam’s customers can pay premium via the internet banking service of:

Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam– Vietcombank (VCB iB@nking)

Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)

1. Advantages:

Prompt and convenient:

  • It will take you only 5 minutes to proactively make premium payment to Dai-ichi Life Vietnam with just a click away
  • Payment transaction can be made anytime and at any location with internet connection.
  • It is more time-saving from traveling to and waiting at the transaction place.

Secure, accurate and confidential 

You can benefit from utilizing our modern and secure technological system with various advantages:

  • Your premium shall be transferred to Dai-ichi Life Vietnam's office securely and accurately.
  • Notification on your successful payment shall be emailed to you promptly after transaction.
  • Your transaction details shall be kept in optimal confidence.

2. Requirements:
In order to process premium payment via internet banking services, you are required to:

  • Own and maintain a payment account at the Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank)/Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, and
  • Sign up for the VCB iB@nking internet banking service of Vietcombank, or register for the online BIDV financial service.

3. Premium payment

You are required to complete the 4 simple steps to process payment to Dai-ichi Life Vietnam as follows:

  • Sign in to the VCB iB@nking internet banking service/BIDV online service for individual customer.
  • Select Payment/ Financial Service/ Dai-ichi Life Vietnam (as for VCB iB@nking); or select Part Payment/ Premium collection/ Dai-ichi - Periodic premium payment or Dai-ichi - Other payment (as for BIDV Online).
  • Fill in policy number and amount of premium payment as instructed.
  • Confirm payment

Confirmation on successful premium payment shall be emailed to you promptly after transaction.