Dai-ichi Life Vietnam – The professional working environment and career opportunities

At Dai-ichi Life Vietnam, we are always commited to:
   Build a business culture of open communication, sincerity and integrity as the foundation for professional relationship.
   Respect and appreciate individual differences in the overall development of the company.

We always adhere to the philosophy of “Customer First”, the fundamental value of Dai-ichi Life Japan since its establishment in 1902. Dai-ichi Life Vietnam inherits this spirit until today, with the core motto of a “Lifetime partner” with our customers.

To advocate our philosophy and achieve customer satisfaction towards our products and services, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam needs a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced staff members. Therefore Dai-ichi Life Vietnam always:
   Appreciate and continuously invest in training life skills as well as vocational skills and business ethics to help all members cultivate and improve themselves.
   Recognize and reward our employees based on work results, enthusiastic attitude and the contributions towards the success of the company.